Saturday, 23 January 2010

All You Need is Love: Preamble

When asking myself "why would you do such a thing" in relation to this blog, I tell myself that its to hone my writing. I have aspirations, you see. One day, if I'm really lucky, I'd like to be good enough to be considered a mediocre writer. That would be grand. The only way you get better at thing is to do it, and here we are.

Only that's not really true. I write this because I want people to read it, don't I. Same for everyone else. There are plenty of drafts sat on my account that I've gotten halfway through and thought "why, why would anyone want to read this?" Good question me. So I had another little think. What do I like to read on the internet? What can I do that hasn't been done far better elsewhere by worthier sorts? Two things sprung to mind. The first is a chronicle of hate. Everybody likes to read reviews of piss poor games. No matter who you are, no one's ever hated that one thing in quite the same way as you. No one can take my passionate loathing of Final Fantasy X-2, none loath it quite like I.

This being said, the internet is already a little saturated with rant-porn. Besides, it isn't good for the soul to spend your time dwelling on how awful this leisure activity you pour so much time and effort into is. The flip side then, is to write about something you love: the kind of moments that keep you coming back to any medium. There's not that much around of that, at least, not too much. So, I'm going to write about things what I love in games. Given some credit where I feel its due.

Take it away, Jesus and band.

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